Tuesday 4/7

Did you see our new challenge? Get outside and RUN! You can also bike, row etc... but remember, if you bike or row, it’s a 4:1. So if you bike 8 miles, that’s equivalent to 2 miles running.

You don’t need to log daily, just by the end of the challenge - FRIDAY.

WOD 4/7/2020

Complete 4 rounds unbroken of:

•20 sec Left Side Plank

•20 sec Front Plank

•20 sec Right Side Plank

•30 sec Front Plank

**No rest between rounds**"

**No Equipment**

20min E4MOM

60s Baseline Run

12 Unilateral Sandbag Squats (Alternate every 6 reps)

12 Lateral Burpee Over Sandbag


**Minimal Equipment**

20min E4MOM

Baseline Run

12 Single Arm Overhead Squat

12 Lateral Burpee Over Dumbbell

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