Shelter in place for Solano County

As many of you already know, a shelter in place has been issued for Solano County.

That being said, we will be posting at home workouts via our website, sugarwod, and social media. To help with your at home workouts, we will be renting out equipment to members! Please come by tomorrow at 10am or 5:30pm. We trust you’ll take care of whatever you take, but we will be documenting all items checked out :)

WOD for 3/19/2020


Complete as many rounds for quality in 15-minutes

30s Jog out then jog back to start under 25s

20s Hollow Rock + 20s Superman Rocks

8 Samson + Instep Lunges

6 Push-up + Inchworm steps

10 Side Plank Rotations (Each Side)

10 Side Plank Toe Taps (Each Side)

5 Safety Stop Jumps


Complete 5 rounds for time:

•100m Bearhug Carry (Duffle bag or #40/60)

•16 Unilateral SB Walking Lunges (Alternate Shoulders every 8 reps)

•12 Broad Jumps 3'/4' (Complete multiple hops if needed)

Please check out PRs All Day on Instagram for demos!

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