Monday -continuing with soft opening

If you haven’t ordered your shirt or tank yet, this is your reminder that you need too by 5/21.

Click here for new shirts/tanks:

Also, we will continue with our soft opening at 5am, 10am and 4:30pm.

WOD for 5/18/2020

Complete 3 sets

•30 sec Bumper Plate Sit-up

•30 sec Candle Stick Lifts (Hold Bumper Plate overhead)

•60 sec Push-up Plank (Lift Alternating Arm and leg for 2-3 sec each rep)

•30 sec Rest

Complete 3 rounds for time

•900/1000m Row

•8 Shoulder to Overhead #115/165 (M50+ 95/145)

•12 Lateral Burp over Bar

•2-minute rest

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