Makena and Brandi (mommy, who’s pregnant!!)

It’s sad to workout alone!! But Makena makes sure Brandi NEVER feels alone mid WOD 😊

WOD for 2/28/2020

Complete 3 sets of:

•40 sec Front Scale to Back Scale (each side -hold the end ROM for 3-5 seconds before transitioning to the next position)

•60 sec Dumbbell Plank Pull Across

Complete 3 sets (KB or DB):

•8-10 Single Arm Upright Row (each side)

•50' DB or KB Overhead Carry (each side)

•100m Farmer Carry

**Goal is to increase the load to a challenging effort**

Complete as many rounds as possible in 14-minutes:

•5 Ring Muscle Ups

•200m Run

•10 Burpee Box Jump Over 20"/24"

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