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WOD for 3/4/2020

Complete 3 sets of:

•20 sec Bird Dogs (each side)

•20 sec Side Plank Toe Taps (each side)

•20 sec Bird Dogs (each side)

•20 sec Side Plank Rotations (each side)

Complete 3 rounds of:

•10-12 Alternating Cossack Squat

•40-60 sec Plank

A) E2MOM: Complete 5 rounds starting every 2nd minute starting around 65% of your 1RM Snatch:

•1 Snatch High Pull + 2 Hang Snatch (position 1)

B) EMOM: With the same weight or less than the last successful set from the E2MOM, complete every minute on the minute:

•1 Snatch (from the ground)

**Log each set for every E2MOM and EMOM (10 total sets)**

Complete 2 rounds for time:

•20/30 Calorie Bike/Row/Ski Erg

•25 American Kettlebell Swings #35/53 (M50+ #25/44)

•2-minute Rest

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