WOD for 3/27/2020

*Warm Up*

Complete as many rounds for quality in 12-minutes

25s Jumping Jacks (Switch it up form lateral to forward & Back)

10 Scapular Push-ups

8 Scorpion Kicks

6 Instep Lunges

4 Push-up + Inchworm

15-20s Front Scale Hold Each Side


Fun with Tabata

Tabata Ring Row or Bumper Plate Bent Over Row

1-minute rest

Tabata Goblet Squat

1-minute rest

Tabata Alternating DB Snatch

1-minute rest

Tabata Side Plank Hip Dips (Alternate sides every 20s working interval.

Complete 8 rounds at each station working 20s on and 10s off. To score this one, take the lowest score of each of the 4 movements and total them up at the end.

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