We are still taking on new clients, there is never a good or bad day to show up. Simply come in and see what we have to offer.

Many are overwhelmed with ESPN and what they see on YouTube, these types of videos couldn’t be further from the truth as to who our members are. We are full of moms, retirees, dads, students... all of different backgrounds, sizes and abilities. 

Walking in the door is truly the hardest part. But don’t sell yourself short. You can do this! Email or message us via our social media pages to try us for free.


WOD for 2/5/2020

Complete 3 sets of: •6 Tempo Box Step Downs (each side- starting from the top, count a 5 sec negative to the ground, then push off the ground to start the next rep from the top) •5-8 Tall Kneeling Box Jump (modify with Seated Box Jump) 

Back squats - 1 five sec pause plus 2 regular 

Complete 4 sets of (1+2) working between 70-75% of your 1RM Back Squat. 

3 rounds for time of: •10 Strict Handstand Push-ups •8/10 Strict Ring Dips •1,000m Row 

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