Keep it up Kas!

Kas joined us at the end of last year and has been consistently coming to 6am! Squats are getting earlier, somethings are modified due to old football injuries, but no matter what, he keeps showing up. I’m proud of you Kas. Keep it up. 

Interested in joining? I promise we don’t offer what you’ve seen on ESPN! First class is free. Join by 1/31 and only pay $65 for your first month. 

WOD for 1/28/2020

Extra credit - 

Complete 2-3 sets of: •8 Barbell Rollouts •15 Seated Pike Ups •40-60 sec Supine Chinese Plank 

20min - 

In 5 sets, establish a 1RM OHS (no required Pause Squat). 

Complete as many rounds as possible in 17-minutes: •250/300m Row •3/5 Ring Muscle Ups •450/500m Row •12 Box Jumps 20"/24" 

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