Join us at a discounted rate.

Are you realizing January is almost over and you haven’t joined a gym? You wanted this year to be different... you always say you’ll lose 10 pounds, you’ll try something new, you’ll start weight training cause you’re tired of your under arm jiggling when you’re driving?!

Whatever it is. If you’ve been looking to join a gym, and haven’t yet, we are offering you a deal!

Join CrossFit Solano, during this last week of January and only pay $65 for the first month. (IE join 1/25, you won’t pay until 2/25). One true, date to date, month.

Doesn’t this look like a fun group?! Notice everyone is using a different weight. Additionally, all did a different variation of pull-ups. 

WOD for 1/23/2020

Complete 3 rounds of: •5-8 Dumbbell Floor Press (challenging effort) •8-10 Dumbbell Bent Over Rows (rotating grip) 

Push Jerk. 

Complete 5 sets of 1 working between 90+% of your 1RM C&J. Work up to a 1RM for the day. **From the rack** 

Complete 5 rounds of 3-minute intervals, resting 1-minute between working intervals: •5 Hang Squat Snatch #75/115 (M50+ #65/95) •10 Overhead Squats •15 Sit-ups **After the rest, pick up where you left off after each round**

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