WOD for 1/16/2020

Complete 3 rounds of: •12-15 Straight Arm Lat Pullover •10-12 Standing Dumbbell Behind the Head Tricep Extension •12-15 Banded Face Pulls 

Complete 3 sets of: •5-8 Dumbbell Incline Bench Press (rotating grip) •8-10 Ring Rows (elevated feet) 

Complete 4 sets of 2+2 working up to 65% of your 1RM C&J. **For the 2 Position Pause Clean- pause at position 3 and position 1 before finishing in a squat.** **For the Double Pause Jerks- pause in the dip and the catch for 2 secs at each position.** 

Complete 6 rounds for time: •8 Burpees •16 Abmat Sit-ups 

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