You know what sucks...

Coming in last.

You join CrossFit, it took you about five months and two to three free classes, and you finally joined. You’re feeling behind because you don’t know all the movements, and “thrusters” just sound weird.

But you start getting it! You aren’t last anymore! And you’re actually getting to RX some weights and movements. So only partially scaling.

But you start to pull back. You don’t go all the way RX, cause you don’t want to be last. You don’t want the slowest time on the board. So you change to step ups even though you can jump. You go straight to ring rows instead of attempting pull-ups or grabbing a thin band (Knowing that would be harder).

I sadly have news for you. The RX comes when you commit. Just like commuting to the first day in the gym. You honestly have no idea what your body can do! It is amazing, and strong! And so are you! 

So make 2020 about getting comfortable being uncomfortable. Be last, be proud and try for RX. 

WOD for 1/9/2020

Complete 3 rounds of: •10-12 Dumbbell Bent Over Reverse Flies •10-12 Straight Arm Banded Lat Pull-Down •10-12 Dumbbell Skull Crusher 

Complete 4 sets: •30 sec L-Sit (hold as long as you can through the 30 sec time) •30 sec Superman Hold •30 sec Front Plank •30 sec Rest 

Complete 4 sets of 2+2 working up to 60% of your 1RM C&J. **For the 2 Position Pause Clean- pause at position 3 and position 1 before finishing in a squat.** **For the Double Pause Jerks- pause in the dip and the catch for 2 secs at each position.** 

3 rounds of: •2 minutes of 3 chest to bar pull-ups/3 toes to bar/3 air squats •2 minutes of Bike/Row/Ski Erg for calories •Rest 2 minutes score is total reps + calories 3 chest to bar/3 T2B/3 air squats = 1 rep 

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