WOD for 1/7/2020

Complete 3 sets of: •8-10 Dumbbell or Kettlebell Suitcase Deadlift (each side) + 50-80' Single Arm Front Rack Carry •12-15 Banded Seated Rows 

Complete 3 rounds of: •40-60 sec Supine Chinese Plank •15 Banded Low High Wood Chops 

Complete 5 sets of (1+1+1) starting around 65-70%: •Tempo Power Clean (5-second pull) + Position 1 Power Clean (High Hang) + Position 2 Power Clean (just off the knees) 

Complete as many rounds as possible in 8-minutes: •10 Alternating Dumbbell Snatch #35/50 (M50+ #25/45) •12 Single Arm Front Rack Walking Lunges (alternate every 6 steps) •20 Double Unders 

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