WOD for 1/3/20

Complete 2-3 sets of: •12-15 Dumbbell Lat Pullover + Tricep Extension •8-10 Dumbbell Deficit Push-up 

Complete 4 rounds of: •20 sec Side Plank Toe Taps (each side) •10 sec Rest •20 sec Side Plank Rotations (each side) •10 sec Rest •30 sec Hanging Windshield Wipers 

Complete 4 sets of 2 working between 83-88% of you 1RM C&J. **Complete from the rack.** 

Complete 4 rounds for time: •16 Single Arm Strict Press (each side) #35/50 (M50+ #25/40) •12 Suitcase Lunges (total steps) **For the Single Arm Strict Press, you must complete 8 reps on one side before switching** **For the Suitcase Lunges, alternate the suitcase carry after 8 reps.** 

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