Reminder 1/1/20 9&10am only

As some of you may recall, in October I set forth a challenge; you needed to have 15 check ins for October and 20 for both November and December. Of all those that accepted my challenge, only 4 actually did it. A huge congratulations and well deserved applause to: Wild Bill, Stef Dailey, Alison and Kristin. Of those, their names were put in a bag and one was selected to have their January payment deleted and they would have their first month of 2020 on us!!

Drum roll.....

Congratulations Kristin! 

I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing Stef regularly at 0500. Bill at 0700 with Maggie in tow. Alison with her checks in and follow ups via Facebook (she has an amazing before and after). And of course, our winner, Kristin at 0500. Thank you for completing my challenge!

Alison is by far the best proof that cleaning up your eating and coming in 3-4 days a week is all you have to do! Our classes are only one hour! That’s three to four hours a week... and the results showed themselves!! I am very proud of you Alison! 

Cheers to 2020 and may we all have results like Alison! 

Kudos to Kristin for pulling Saturday’s, holidays and double days to make the check ins - even when she had a family vacation planned, husband traveling, and kids... no excuses, she made it happen. 

Shout out to Stef, battling the ever busy Vallejo and call outs at 0100 and even on Christmas Eve night. She puts her health and fitness was first. She’s no quitter. Even with travel and call outs. I know I can count on you at 0500. 

Bill probably owes his check ins to Maggie making sure he comes to the gym for all her scratches and treats!! But never the less, Bill, one of our Masters athletes, is still a top performer and a go getter!! Great job Bill! And if you haven’t used it yet, the 45 DB is waiting for you!

WOD for 1/1/20

Complete 5 rounds starting every minute on the minute. Alternate between the progression you choose & the core work: EMOM Progression: Choose one: A) 8-10 Pike Push-up (band assisted if needed) B) 6-8 Box Pike Push-ups C) 2-4 Handstand Push-up (3s negative) + 1-2 Kipping Attempts D) 2-6 Deficit HSPU EMOM CORE: •30 sec L-hang (accumulate the time) 

Complete 3 rounds for time: •30/40 Calorie Row •15 Pull-ups •9 Burpees 

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