Morning & 4:30pm class only

WOD for 12/13/19

Complete 3-4 sets of: •10-12 Plate Sit-up •10-12 Bumper Plate Standing Side Crunches (each side- hold the plate by the side with a fingertip grip) •10-12 Bumper Plate Rows (2 secs hold at the top) 

4 rounds of: •40 sec Supine Chinese Plank •20 sec Rest •30 sec Side Plank Toe Taps •20 sec Rest •40 sec Russian Twist  •20 sec Rest 

Complete 5 sets for load and quality: •3 Barbell Strict Press + 7 Push Press **Start at a light to moderate weight and increase to find a challenging effort for the day. The Strict Press will be the limiting factor.** 

7 minute AMRAP •100m run •10 ring dips 50m is counted as 1 rep 

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