Thanksgiving we will not offer regular classes. We will open the gym for the Solano Turkey Trot, but no CrossFit Classes. Friday after Thanksgiving  (11/29) we will have 9am and 10am classes only. 

WOD for 11/19/19

3 sets of: •8 Barbell Rollouts (hold the out for 2-3 seconds) •12-18 Banded Face Pulls •10-12 GHD Hip Extension + 20-30 sec Static Hold 

Back squats - 

Complete 4 sets of 1 working at 92% of your 1RM  

Complete 4 rounds for time •450/500m Row •12 Wall Balls #14/20# •6 Hang Power Snatch #95/135 (M50+ #75/115) 

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