This Saturday

In honor of the anniversary of the death of Vallejo Police Officer Jim Capoot, we will host “Capoot” this Saturday at 9am and 10am.

Please come. #NeverForget

WOD for 11/15/19

3 sets of: •10 Cossack Squats (add KB for a goblet squat) •15 Barbell Glute Bridges •6-8 Bulgarian Split Squats (each side) *moderate to challenging effort* 

Complete 5 sets of 1 Tempo Front Squat + 2 Front Squats *Start around 70-80% of your 1RM Front Squat.* **Increase to a heavy load where you are able to maintain control through the full ROM** 

Complete as many rounds as possible by climbing the ladder in 7-minutes: •3 Squat Cleans #95/135 (M50+ #75/115) •3 Lateral Burpee Over Bar •6 Squat Cleans •6 Lateral Burpee Over Bar •9 SC, 9 LBOB, 12, 12, 15, 15, etc. 

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