How are your check ins?!

Remember you need 15 checks in for the month of October!!! While we are at it, how are your goals coming along? Most people I see in the mornings show up 5-10 minutes early, this is time you could be doing mobility to improve range or motion, it’s time you could practice double unders (it’s truly the only way to improve, just do them), it’s perhaps a time you could practice a skill.

What could you improve or change or do in 10min?  Well if you came 5 days a week, that’s 50 minutes!!

WOD for 10/17/19


In 3 sets, establish a max effort L-Sit. **Athletes must complete 5/8 Strict Pull-ups between each set** **Rest at least 90 second after each attempt**" 


Complete 5 rounds starting each movement every 2nd minute: •50 double unders •20/30 Cal Row •200m Med Ball Run **The goal is to complete the reps within the 2 minutes allotted for each round. Modify the reps if needed.** 

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