Are you interested in a FREE MONTH at CFS??

I have a challenge for you!! And guess what, it’s FREE!!

Stay fit even when the candy bowl is full, the turkey is stuffed and the pies are hot!!

Why dig yourself further in a hole and tell yourself “I’ll start in the New Year”.

Start now.

Why gain the usual holiday weight, talk yourself into skipping the gym and let in to your excuses....


Drink half your body weight in ounces every day. Max out at 80 ounces. I love using the “My Water” app to help me stay on track.

Remove one food/beverage you struggle with. Could be soda, alcohol, red meat, dairy, bread, processed foods. 

Check into CFS via Facebook & the computer 20 times in the month of October, November and December. That’s only 4 classes a week!!

Why? What do I get?

Do it because, it is easier to stick to something when you feel supported by your peers. AND as an incentive, to those who actually check in, we will enter your name in a raffle and give you the month of January FREE! That’s right! We will delete your January payment.

Dadbod clause. You must actually workout. Not just “check in” or hang out for the hour. 

Sign up start tomorrow and check ins start Monday 10/7. 

Side note. Since we are starting 10/7 you only have to have 15 check ins for October. 

WOD for 10/4/19


5 rounds (go unbroken): •20 second Left Side Plank •20 second Front Plank •20 second Right Side Plank •20 second Front Plank **No rest between rounds. Modify by going to the knees.** 


3 sets of: •8 Dumbbell Lat Pullover + Tricep Extension •12-15 Protracted Straight Arm Lat Pull Downs •5-8 Candle Stick Lifts 


Complete for time (21- minute cap) •Buy in: 20/30 Calorie rower/bike Then, complete 5 rounds for time: •6/9 Strict Pull-ups •30-second L-Sit (Accumulate the time) •12 Push-ups

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