Did you see the new gear??? All items are $22. Please pre pay/order by Monday 9/23. 

Thank you!! (Venmo, cash, check, card on file... you choose). 

WOD 9/20/19

Complete as many rounds as possible in 12-minutes: •70/100 Calorie Row •50 Barbell Overhead Squats #33/45 (empty bar) •30 Knees-to-elbow 


3 rounds of: •30 sec Grasshoppers •20 sec Rest •30 sec Alternating Hanging Knee Raises (bring both knees to right arm and repeat other side) •20 sec Rest •30 second Alternating Leg V-ups •20 sec Rest 

Extra Credit Accessory:

2-3 sets of: •8 Incline YTWs •5 Clock Lunges (each side) •10 Glute Bridge + Rotation 

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