Strong women - support them, raise them, be them.

Super proud of these ladies, half are registered for Femme Royal and half showed up just to help and join the heats to give extra competition and drive into the workouts. Great job ladies.

WOD for 9/16/19

Complete 5 rounds starting every 2nd minute: •5 Thrusters starting at #95/135 (M50+ #80/115) **Increase the load every set after that.** 

Split Tabata: Complete max Calorie on the Rower in 2 sets of: •4 rounds of 20 seconds on / 10 seconds off •2-minutes rest between sets 

Extra credit after class or time permitting:

3 rounds of: •30 sec Glute Bridge Hold •20 sec Glute Bridge Lift right side •20 sec Glute Bridge Lift left side •20 sec Glute Bridge Hold •60-90 sec Prone Plank •30-60 sec Rest 

3 sets of: •8 Alternating Forward Lunge (stay in place) •8 Alternating Curtsy Lunge (each side- add weight with a DB or KB in the Goblet Rack position) •12-15 Banded Clamshells (each side) 

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