United States Police & Fire Games Toughest Competitor Alive (Used to be Toughest Cop Alive, but then we let the hose draggers play. 💁🏻😊)

8 events, 1 day 5k Shot put 100m dash 100m swim 20’ rope climb (legless) Bench Press Max effort strict pull-ups Obstacle course (includes 140# dummy drag) Training at CFS put me in a great position to even consider competing in the TCA! I was already working on Powerlifting and pull-ups at open gym and adding in WODs 3-5 x a week. So I added in event specific work, like figuring out how or if I could do a legless rope climb! It’s going to be a long day with specific skill sets tested, but doing CrossFit prepares you for that sort of thing. The TCA has always been a competition not to be taken lightly. You’re going not only to perform well, or win, but to earn a title of The Warrior amongst Warriors! It’s intimidating! I’ve participated in the USPFC several years, I’ve done the CrossFit comps, bench press, push/pull, indoor rowing, track events, but never dared to try my hand at the TCA. So, on Sunday, this will be my first attempt at it! As an individual competitor, I must complete or give “honest effort” at each stage or be DQd and not allowed to advance. The judges determine honest effort by specified criteria. I’m definitely excited and nervous, but feeling up to the challenge! After the TCA, I’ll be taking on Bench Press on Tuesday and Push/Pull on Wednesday! Two events that are way more in my comfort zone! 

WOD for 6/24/19

Pre workout - max strict pull ups 

Post workout - max butterfly pulls ups

20 MIN AMRAP BURPEE/PULL UP/TOE 2 BAR(= 1 REP) 200m run every 10 reps 

Scale- burpee, leg raise, knee up

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