So proud of everyone who came into today and challenged themselves - today was HARD!! And a good reminder that it’s 1) hot out! Drink plenty of water throughout the day; I (embarrassing) even use an app called “my water” to help me reach 80oz a day. 2) you can’t put train a poor diet. With the weather nice make your meals plans easy and something you can follow...

Breakfast - egg scramble with onion and sweet potatoe, maybe even add kale or spinach. Or eggs, 1 piece of bacon, a banana. Don’t over think it!

Lunch - left overs are awesome to insert here. 

Dinner - grilled chicken, along with veggies (choose asparagus, zucchini or thin sliced sweet potatoes). Dice cucumber, tomatoes with salt and pepper, side salad, steam broccoli. The options are endless. Just mix match and over cook for those left overs!!

Wod for 6/12/18

Hatch 9-1



10 T2B

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