2018 CrossFit Open is OVER

A huge congrats to everyone who competed in the 2018 CrossFit Open. It is officially over. Last night at 5pm, all Affiliate "Managers" had to validate scores (they were due Monday, but Affiliates have 24 hours to verify; so if you looked at your individual score Monday, things might have moved a little... Just an FYI).

I am proud of all of those who registered, and those who did the workouts as the daily workout - they were not easy. You might have learned a little about yourself. I know it was very exciting to see people PR on a lift after so many burpees and squats, as it was to see people get there first: chest to bar, pull-up, handstand push up and more! It is easy to hate the Open when you are doing it, but after there is great reward and it is awesome to see a recorded change in a year (2019 many of you who scaled this year, might RX next year!!).

Thank you to Coach Hack for all your time and dedication to the programming. We could all make up workouts and pull stuff out of a hat, but it takes true skill to put workouts together that better people! Thank you for that #JackedByHack

I am happy to announce that out of 473 gyms registered for the Open in the West Coast, CFS cam in 142nd place!! Score contributed to the team score:

18.1: Ben, Rich, Jhauna, Shannon

18.2: Nick, Rich, Jhauna, Lo

18.2A: Hack, Nate, Shannon, Lo

18.3: Rich, Nick, Jhauna, Lo

18.4: Nick, Rich, Jhauna, Lo

18.5: Ben, Nick, Jhauna, Lo

Hard work pays off!!

Shout out to Val for getting to finish with us at 18.5 after her son had been in the hospital since week 2. Angel and Joanne for finishing the Open while visiting Hawaii, Mexico and Arizona (Joanne Mexico). Nick for top scores while graduating from Paramedic school. Steve and Irma for finishing the Open and never entering a score. Yanette, Courtney, Chad, Kari and Isaac for registering for the first time. Monica, Emily, Kate, Chad and Lisa for fighting for RX reps. Can't wait to see what 2019 brings!!

WOD for 3/29/2018


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