About That Ass Rash...

I was looking through the CrossFit Journal, and came across this. It made me laugh, because WE ALL HAVE HAD THIS EXPERIENCE!!!!

I was an enthusiastic CrossFit newbie, a little more than two months in. I’d lifted my first barbell and flipped my first tire, and I was two weeks into my first Paleo challenge.

I don’t remember the workout, but I do remember the shower afterward.

As the water streamed down my back, I felt a terrible burning sensation in a place that shouldn’t burn. I stepped out of the shower, contorted before the mirror and discovered a raw, red raspberry shining back at me from the base of my spine. My suspicions were confirmed.

“I’m allergic to Paleo!” I raged at my foggy reflection.

Of course, after a few more encounters with girls such as Annie and Angie, I learned that I was not, in fact, allergic to clean eating; rather, I was a victim of the infamous sit-up butt sore. The next time sit-ups came up in a workout, I sheepishly grabbed a thin foam square to sit on, exchanging knowing glances with the veteran athletes in class.

But it’s not just everyday athletes who chafe at the idea of a workout chock-full of sit-ups. I asked five-time CrossFit Games athlete Ben Stoneberg if he’d ever experienced the raspberry.

“Oh yes,” he said, citing the first time he performed Annie. “I kind of felt there was something going on back there. That night when I got in the shower, the worst pain ever happened ... then you turn around and look in the mirror and you’re like, ‘Oh my gosh, I have two big raspberries on each side of my butt cheek.’”

Other athletes—such as Sam Briggs or Brent Fikowski—don’t get them at all. So what exactly is—or isn’t—going on back there? And are flesh wounds the inevitable price of fitness?

Click here to read what has worked and not worked for athletes.

WOD for 1/24/2018



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