Being a Coach is fun, rewarding, challenging and a labor of love! I get paid more in seeing people do things they never thought they could, than what I take home in any form of pay. I get to see people come in day in and day out, form friendships with the people they share their workout hour with. Some might even call each other FAMILY.

It's a great challenge to see someone walk in the door, have no idea what they are doing, and suddenly YOU SEE IT CLICK! The find their kip, they hit that lift, find their hips, they get their first bar/ring muscle up or the new member you see jump on a box for the first time! IT MAKES MY DAY!

However with all those awesome things folks walking into class late is killing the coach's rhythm. And not just this Coach...all coaches. I get it; traffic, late meetings, accidents, sick kids, your gas light came on - trust me, I've heard it all, and lived it all too. I just ask that you TRY. Being late holds the entire class up. The coach has to go over the board again. Then you feel behind. Or maybe the person next to you was hoping to have 5 minutes at the end of class to work on a skill before picking up their kids, starting dinner and getting ready for the next day...

Does this mean if you're going to be late don't come? NO. I just ask that you try. We used to have a 30 burpee penalty for being late, then we all silently agreed, that's childish, we are all adults. If it's important to you, you'll be there or you'll be respectful and pay the burpee penalty ;-) But I am sad to say in many classes tardiness (and then talking while the coach is briefing the workout) is rough on the coach, and fellow members.

So please...Try. Set the alarm 3 minute earlier, set the coffee pot earlier, pack your bag the night before. Whatever keeps you from being on time (that you CAN control - please try).

WOD for 7/26/17


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