True words, from a true member and friend <3

Flashback to the first time I ever did Murph! Was I comfortable in my own skin? I think the photo speaks for itself. In spite of what I felt I made the decision to show up. I am extremely thankful for my CFS coaches. I walked in to that box unsure of who I was and what I was capable of. 5 years later, I continue to walk out of that box stronger both physically and mentally than I've ever been. SHOWING UP was the best decision I've ever made.

SO, whatever your excuses are, set them aside and choose to put yourself first! Crossfit Solano has an On Ramp program that is coming up very soon. 3 classes at 5:30pm-3/13, 3/14, & 3/16. The cost is $100 and it includes the rest of the month when you sign up! Don't sit there and act like you don't spend that on Starbucks or Peet's coffee every month. So many of you message me and ask for advice on how to become healthier. My advice to you is to make the decision to try. Make the decision to put yourself first. Make the decision to show up even when you don't feel like it! I am walking talking proof that it works. PM me if you want more info :)

#putyoufirst #solanostrong #adecisionyouwontregret

Come try our On Ramp program. 3 classes at 5:30pm - 3/13, 3/14, 3/16. It is $100 and includes the rest of the month when you sign up. TRY CROSSFIT. It won't be like anything you've done before. We are gonna work hard, try something new and leave sweaty!

Email Lauren at or call (707) 421-1629 (please leave a message as we are coaching during business hours!) and we will get you set up! You can also click here to register.

WOD for 3/9/2017




14 LUNGES 135/95

21 DU'S

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