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Almost everybody has goals and resolutions set for themselves every New Years. Unfortunately, most of these goals are never reached. The world we live in encourages us to dream big, but rarely gives us what we need to get where we want to go.

Lurong Living has built a Resolution challenge precisely for that reason. We know you are capable of reaching your goals, and the Challenge will unlock your true potential. We will help you start the process of making those dreams a little more of a reality.

The challenge starts January 16th, that’ll give you a couple weeks to recover after the holidays before you start something brand new. Once the Challenge begins, accountability will become your new best friend. Tracking your daily diet is the first step. You will be recording what level of diet you achieve for each of six time periods of the day, so you are always encouraged and rewarded for making the best choices possible throughout the day. This will keep you accountable for the entire challenge. You’ll also have to answer lifestyle markers (getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, eating vegetable, exercising, and doing mobility work) to make sure your resolutions and new lifestyle are staying the course. You will also track your performance, weight, and body measurements to compare exactly how much you improve. Additionally, you will set resolutions and track your progress throughout the Challenge. Throw in a few surprise challenges along the way and we know you will enjoy the 5 week transformation process.

The combination of our PROVEN platform features, the support from the community, tools and resources, and educational content will accelerate your life in the direction you want to go. Our diet levels and food search take the guesswork out of dieting and nutrition. This allows you to focus on your resolutions which leads you one step closer to making that previously unattainable dream become your new reality.

Instead of wondering how and where to start your New Year, join us for the Resolution Challenge.

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WOD for 12/7/2016




8 HANG CLEANS 115/85


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