For those who do not have Facebook, but have asked about Lorin...

From his Facebook 4/15:

"Last year during the Crossfit open I had a set back with my shoulder and was unable to participate in the California regionals. My coach @prepareandexecute worked with me all year to improve on weaknesses and make a big impact on the 2016 season. I finished 4th this year in the NorCal region and have been preparing for my shot at going to Carson. On Wednesday morning I was going through my normal weightlifting movements and had a 3 position clean programmed. I was feeling great, moving the bar well and completed 5/6 of my lifts successfully. On my last lift I caught the Barbell and jammed my left wrist. It felt like playing basketball and jamming your fingers on a bad pass. We figured it was a strain and I could go modified movements until going down to Del Mar. I got a precautionary X-ray and found I have a small non-displaced radial styloid fracture and a lightly torn ligament (after MRI). I will be officially declining my regional invite today. I want to thank everyone that has supported me over the past year, @crossfitsolano, @crossfitnapavalley,Prepareandexecute.com, Coach Alex , all members of Team Entropy, Iambeastmode, Xendurance and most importantly Carolina. Good luck to all the regional athletes this year, whoever gets my spot you better work your butt off and have fun in Del Mar! Everyone be safe and enjoy the experience. Thank you @TheCrossfitgames for another great open experience. I will be ready next year..."

We are sad for Lorin because we know, without a doubt he would have given all top althetes a run for their money. Lorin is more than qualified to be a Regional/Games athlete, many of us have seen him compete and know how capable he is! But this is health. 2017 - start saving your money for Regionals and the Games, you'll want to be there when he competes.

WOD for 4/19/2016



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