Spirit Friday

Many congrats to Joe AKA VD for passing his CrossFit Level 1 certification!! It is always nice to have extra knowledge around.

Tomorrow at 5pm is the announcement of 16.3. As you know, it will be the posted workout of the day all day FRIDAY!! This Friday, 3/11, we will have our very first SPIRIT DAY at CFS!! Please wear your favorite (or only clean) CFS shirt! Don't have one? That is ok. Wear black and blue instead.

Also, 0500 loves to eat post workout!! On these OPEN FRIDAYS feel welcome to bring in a treat to share with your fellow CFSers. It is not necessary, but always fun post workout. Some easy ideas - chocolate milk, bananas, bagels, sausage (cook then re heat in micro), muffins made in advance.

Again, none of this is necessary, but it sure is fun and it does strengthen community.

WOD for 3/10/2016

5x1 CLEAN & JERK AT 80%



8 T2B


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