Update. I don't have one.

Sorry. Many have asked what's the plan and when is our move date. As for now, we are still waiting to hear back on two offers placed a week ago. Heretic is allowing us to stay in exchange we are storing their equiptment before our lease is up. So no, we are not closing or moving this week. Many have asked and really that is all I know for now. When we move, it will be announced. You'll know the address, information if you wish to help move, where you shou attend class etc... Our goal is to not close a single day during the move, but to change the workout to accomodate the move (except for the Open, but we will cross that bridge as it comes).

Thank you to those who have stuck it out with us and continue to come in and get your sweat on! It is a huge break in the stress to see you all daily.

WOD for 3/1/2016

20 min to find 1RM Snatch


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