Study results suggest guzzling a beer after a workout might actually be more productive than chuggin

I just finished Grace, and I’m old, tired, sweaty and thirsty. What should I drink when I separate myself from this sweat angel? The media and academic exercise organizations favor Gatorade or some other sports drink to help people rehydrate and recover after exercise, and we are led to believe a body of sports science says high-fructose-laden drinks with some salt are optimal for those purposes. But are sports drinks really optimal or is the belief based on exceptional marketing?

Well, we know water is best for rehydration—adding carbohydrate and salts can reduce water uptake in the gut—and there is your answer. But is there something that rehydrates as well as water but tastes good and doesn’t contain mainly sugar water and salt?

Click here for the entire article by Lon Kilgore



2 partner wod / 1 works while partner is in the blank position. Share reps however you choose.


800m (each run 400 together)

30 KB 70/53

30 pull-ups

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