PRs coming up on a Saturday

Cogratulations to the following people for their PRs on Saturday at the "Lift Off to Lift Up" event...

Rhy 330 C&J

Alyssa aka Ball So Hard 205 C&J, 165 Snatch

Jaylynn 100 Snatch, 135 C&J

Patrick 275 C&J

Jessica Stemmer 125 C&J

Brandi 150 C&J

Lo 195 C&J

Kate 100 Snatch, 125 C&J

Kelley 155 Snatch, 220 C&J

KC 95 C&J 75 Snatch

I am so very sorry if I missed your PR. Not intentional, some of the score cards were in rough shape lol

WOD for 12/14/15

Thrusters 5x3


400M RUN

20 THRUSTERS 95/65

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