Thank you.

I am overjoyed by todays turn out. Thank you to Lorin and Rhy for programming a successful event. Fairfield Fire for stopping by throughout the morning. All the participants for their time, energy, donations and love. To the judges who came to help even though they were not competing. To the CFS Coaches that lead by example - participating, judging, cleaning up, scoring, stopping by to show support. Today was a wonderful reminder of what CFS can be and is when we pull together. Wild Bill for taking care of the BBQ. Kenny and Matty P for MCing the event. Thank you! If I missed something, I am sorry, it is not on purpose.

Look at all these names! I am proud of every one of you! Not just the ones that PR'd, but the ones who really battled something today. Many were so nervous. But you did it! That is a huge accomplishment. Thank you for stepping out of your comfort zone and being part of today!!

WOD for 12/13/2015

Open gym.

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