The day is here...

Tomorrow is our Lift Off to Lift Up event with CFS. Coach Lorin and Coach Rhy are working hard as I type this to set up for the event. Heats, as of right now, have not been announced. If you are in the first heat, you will be notified this evening; all ther heats will be announced in the morning. You may come to CFS whenever you wish if you believe you'll need more time.

CFS will open tomorrow at 0700. Opening ceremony will begin at 0800. First heat to start at 0830.

I suggest you bring everything you need; ie. knee sleeves, tape, lifting shoes and snacks.

Potluck to follow the event, starting at 11:30am. Lorin has graciously provided quite a bit of meat. Pease bring a side, dessert item or beverage (CFS bought beer).

Reminder, no 9am or 10am class. Event only. Same for 4pm; sorry, no class.

All are welcome to come watch and participate in the potluck.

Get some rest, we will see you in the morning.

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