We all work hard, and I aplogize we don't all get recognized (I am working on that by posting more pictures to FB). But I have to say, that since coming back, Carissa has given 100% to CrossFit. She looks amazing, works hard and is strong!! She is quiet, but such a hard worker!! I am glad she is back at CFS!! Keep up the hard work Carissa.

WOD for 10/6/15

10min EMOM

AHAP Power Cean + Hang Full Clean + Jerk

** Add weight as needed**


1000m row

50 Thrusters 45/35

30 Pull-ups

Progenex visit from 3-7pm - offering samples and answering questions. Remember if you try something we don't currently offer, email Lo at and we will try to get it on the shelf.

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