Rhy at Caffeine and Kilos

These pics are of the heaviest snatch and C&J Goal was to get experience, have a baseline total and have fun regardless of current weight, fitness level or what not. 4/6 on all lifts. Missing seconds attempts of each lift. Snatch 1. 90kg/198# 2. 95kg/208# (Missed) 3. 97kg/213# Clean and Jerk 1. 130kg/286# 2. 140kg/308# (Missed) 3. 143kg/315#

Rhy, we are so proud of you! Of course, we wish you would have told us so we could show support, but I am so proud of your efforts. You are leading by example!!

WOD for 9/21/2015


10min AMRAP

60 bar facing burpees

30 over head squats 115/85

10 muscle ups

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