Jaylynn... "I did it"

"One of my coworkers owned a CrossFit gym and invited me to come try it out on one of their free days. I was absolutely terrified but I did it. I walked in the door and saw all these super fit people and I was immediately intimidated. I knew I would never look like any of these girls; after all I had the "fat gene". I decided to give it a try anyway and it was the best decsion I've ever made in my life."

This was taken from Jaylynn's article published in ISSUU Skin Deep.

Jaylynn describes her experience starting CrossFit and overcoming binge eating. I cannot believe the strength it took her to open up to complete strangers, and friends who didn't know her battle (or now know how far she has come). Jaylynn, I look up to your strength, your ability to be so honest!! Thank you for sharing your story with us all.

WOD for 08/13/2015

Accumulate 90 sec of L sit

Kipping practice

15min ladder by 1s

Full cleans 185/125


Free class:

15min ladder by 1s

Full Cleans (weight selected by skill level)

Ring rows

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