0500 showing off their HATCH results....



A new squat (both front and back) is starting July 13th!! Want to read some info on what it is about...

FS/BS Template and PR Highlights

Many of you have asked for the entire template for the FS/BS program. Before I give it away for you to abuse your gym members, fellow training partners, and friends with you need a little history for how this program came about.

The influence of this program has its roots in three different places. Firstly, we have all likely heard of or completed the Hatch Squat cycle. This program has the lifter performing both Back Squats and Front Squats in the same session. I love that cycle and my legs respond extremely well to performing both squats back to back. I was always playing with ways to make that happen in different ways. The second influence came from one of my coaches, Richard Flemming, has always loved making his athletes perform front squats followed by back squats at specific times during his program. So his influence was HUGE. The last influence came from the love/hate relationship I have with 20 rep back squat programs. I love the size they develop in my legs but hate the process. However, I loved the 20 rep idea. Hence 7+13=20 reps.

Enjoy the program. Below is the link to an actual spreadsheet you can use or copy. The percentages are already calculated in that spreadsheet.

Click here for the complete article and video.

WOD for 07/08/2015

Bench Press 5-3-1-1-1

6min Max Effort 800m run, then stone to shoulder AHAP 4min rest




12 C2B

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