Sleep is good

I came across an article on sleep and how to improve your sleep and thought it was good enough to share. SLEEP IS GOOD!

The #1 Mistake That’s Screwing Up Your Sleep

If you’re already exhausted, here’s the main takeaway you need from this interview:

Your smartphone is the devil. Your iPad is Lucifer. Your TV cackles with glee when you have insomnia.

They all give off blue light that your brain mistakes for sunshine. And that tells your grey blob it’s time to wake up, not go to bed.

Stay away from them during the hour before you try to nod off.

Click here for the complete article.

WOD for 07/2/2015

Snatch from the ground 8x1w/ 3 sec pause at pos 2

4x400m w/2min rest between each set

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