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I wanted to share because I know what it is like to put in the squats, the time, and not PR. This article explains why we don't all hit our 103% +. I also want to remind everyone that oncce you've been CrossFitting/lifting for so long, the PRs don't come as often. I have personally had the same PR in my snatch for over a year and haven't hit within 10 pouds of it. In the beginning it is all new, you are unsure of lifting, you are intimidated but as you come in, it gets more comfortable, so you lift more. You also gain more strength in the beginning because you went from not lifting to lifting. I just say this cause I don't want anyone feeling bad if you aren't hitting your numbers and this may explain why. -Lo

"How to PR on Test Day"

The end of a training cycle is always my favourite time in the gym. The nervous anticipation. The extra little bit of energy. The grunts, the shouts, the clang of metal on metal as the plates are loaded onto the bar…

The unmistakeable smell of fear, excitement, sweat and adrenaline all mixed together into a lethal PR busting concoction.

It’s the time when the hard work everyone has put in over the last few weeks is finally realised into tangible numbers and results.

But it’s also the WORST time for me in the gym, because nothing sucks harder than seeing someone disappointed because they haven’t got the results they were expecting.

See here’s the thing – there are quite literally a metric f*ck ton of things that can contribute into you having a good or bad test day. Things you’ve probably never even considered or realised. So it’s not ALWAYS reasonable to expect to PR.

But on the days you DO feel good… well how do you go about that? That’s what I’ll be talking about in this post.

Before going on tho, let’s qualify the below with a couple of things that will probably make your test day sub-optimal (from a strength perspective at least):

  • You’re dieting, losing or have lost weight recently – less kcals and bodyweight means hitting a PR at the end of any training cycle when you’re already decently experienced will be miraculous. Mass moves mass, and the less mass you have, the harder it’s going to be

  • You’ve finished a training cycle (or series of cycles) not designed to improve your strength, but instead were working on other physical qualities like strength endurance, hypertrophy, conditioning or power (that’s something we do probably 30-40% of the time in RevFit)

  • You haven’t deloaded towards the test day, and instead have tested just to get a baseline for the next training cycle

  • You’re tired, sick, pissed off, stressed, injured, etc etc etc….

There’s more, but they’re the most common things that can effect your test day. And sometimes – you’re not even testing to get a PR, you’re just testing to set a baseline for your NEXT training cycle, so you can PR off the back of it.

WOD for 06/24/2015

Bench Press 5x5


Ring dips

Box Jumps 24/20

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