Paleo Workshop at CFS 4/8

Ryan Lazarus of Lazarus Chiropractic and Lazarus Wellness Clinic will host a Paleo Information Seminar at CFS Wednesday 4/8 at 6:30pm. The Seminar will last 60-90 minutes including a Q&A. Cost is $10/pp. The Seminar will cover health facts associated with Paleo, Paleo Athletes, What's Paleo? How to eat Paleo and much much more!! An addition program is available for purchase via Lazarus Wellness. You do not need to buy before the seminar, but for those new to Paleo and really wanting to give it an honest try, you may want to buy in advance so you can come with questions.

Then starting Monday, April 13 via our CFS Paleo Group Facebook page we will have an accountability challenge where you can post questions, share recipes, flood us with food porn etc... There is no cost for this, but I encourage everyone to take photo before and after as well as measurements. You do not have to share the results, but if at the end you wish too, you may (and I hope you do!!).

The accountability challenge will end 5/4; this is a 21 day challenge!

The cost to attend the presentation is $10, basic program is $27 and $67 for the program with all of the 14 additional resources. The total cost would be $37 or $77.

Who's in?!

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