Coaching tips

Last minute coaching tips for those doing 15.4 one last time tomomrrow. Taken from DCF.

Coaching Tips: Don’t go too fast out of the gates or you will blow up early. Singles on the cleans are a good idea, don’t waste energy lowering the bar back down, you’ll want to have a little rest between HSPU’s. Because of the new standard make sure to push your heels towards the ceiling so you hit the target. (If you point your toes your heels drop which might make you miss the target.

Coaching Tips: Be strategic in how you break up your push presses. Each time you drop the bar you will have to clean it back up. When going through the cleans make sure you are not muscle cleaning them (Catching the bar with straight legs) Even though the weight will feel light you will want to conserve that energy for later rounds.

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