A few reminders regarding the CF Open

Judges and Athletes -

Everyone is to be judged by the same standards; there are no free reps!

Opens WODs judging is scheduled for Friday evenings and Saturday mornings. If you need a judge outside of those times, you need to make special arrangements with a coach/judge who is not facilitating regular class. There is a list of certified judges on the white board; or if you are not going individual or your scores will not be top 3 male/female you may buddy up and judge each other.

Fridays are crazy! Everyone is doing the open workout in every class. If you show up (even if you are not regisistered for the open) at 5:30pm or later; you will need to sign up for a heat on the white board as no "regular" class will be offered.

You must submit your own scores by Monday at 5pm.

Should an issue arise with your score or validation, please email Lo at LJosephCFS@gmail.com; hopefully we can clear it up.

Lastly, this Saturday Harbinger is hosting a BBQ for CFS. They are providing food and drinks (beer and non-alcoholic). Food is expected to arrive some time between 11:30am and noon. This is a "thank you" for the product testing, photos, videos, athletes, media and feedback CFS has provided. We hope that you all enjoy and can attend! Doesn't matter if you personally did anything or how long you have been at CFS, if you are a member, you are invited!!

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