Tomorrow 15.1 will be announced!!

Tomorrow at 5pm will announce 15.1!! You will all have until Monday at 5pm to enter your scores to have them validted. Please enter then ASAP post WOD; every year someone forgets and I am trying very hard to get a hold of them at 4:45pm on Monday! There are several of you registered and only one of me to validate, if you all wait until 4:59pm the system will be bogged down. Please consider.

Also, every Friday during the Open the workout posted will be whatever the Open WOD is. We will host a "Friday Nights Light" event every Friday starting at 5:30pm. You may do the workout earlier in the day, but there is nothing like the vibe during Friday Night Lights at CFS. Can't make Friday evenings? Come Saturday morning at 9:30am. We will run heats every (TBA based off WOD) until everyone has completed the workout. Sunday is still open gym, you may meet up with someone then as well to judge you.

For those who are registered but are completing the workouts scaled; you do not need a CF Official Judge or Coach, you may partner up and judge one another. If you are shooting to go to Regionals Individual or your score may help the Team score (top 3 men and women) you need to be judged by someone who has completed the CF Judges Course (these judges have their names posted at CFS; you may ask them directly to meet you).

I am really looking forward to watching all of you do so incredibly well and really learning a lot about yourselves and for those that are new, feeling what the CFS community is really like!

Not to go unmentioned, Lorin Adams has been listed by CF Games as one of the top 15 male athletes to watch!! We are so very proud of you!!

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