Feb 26th the first CrossFit Open workout will be announced. CFS will host judging Friday evenings and Saturday mornings. You are responsible to submit your own score for validation - you must know your judges name and correct spelling, how many reps you got and/or your times. Keep your score cards!!

Athletes whose scores will help the team (top 3 males and females) must be judges by someone who has completed the CF Judges Course. If you would like to take the course, you may, as it is available to anyone. If you want to help judge and have completed the course please email me (Lo) at

All other athletes will, and must, be judged by the same magnitude. You may have a coach judge you or fellow Open Athlete.

Judges course:

Register for CF Open:

Save the date: Community BBQ with Harbinger Saturday, 3/7.

Valentine's Day 2/14 CFS will only offer morning classes!! This means you are welcome to join us for our Barbell Class from 7-9am and/or attend our 9am and 10am class only.

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