I am the worst...

I am terrible. I grind my body down to nothing with no maintenance. I barely stretch and/or do mobility (unless the coaches make me for 5-10min). I'll rush through the warm-up; not cutting reps, but not really thinking about the quality of movement. THEN I HURT. I get to the point that it hurts to press, my wrist is not comfortable in the front rack and my quad is so tight it is painful to kneel down and tie a child's shoe.

My advice and "AH HA" moment - don't wait. It means more time off. Be thourough in the warm-up (quality reps only), come 10min eary to foam roll and hit a lacrosse ball. And lastly once a month CARE FOR YOUR BODY! YOU ONLY HAVE ONE. People I recommend: Stephanie Cotton, Bryan at HCF (warning, this hurts!! but it is so worth it). Ryan Lazarus at Lazarus Chiropractic (offers ART, Graston and adjustments). You could also look into sports massages. I know Coach Amber also sees Padzel Chiropractic in Fairfield.

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