The Importance of Respecting the CrossFit Process

Thank you to Coach Matty P for finding this and sharing it. It is something worth reading no matter how long you've been doing CrossFit.

The Importance of Respecting the CrossFit Process

Mike Tromello

Guest Contributor

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The following is a guest post by Mike Tromello of Precision CrossFit:

Today you can find two types of CrossFit. One is that awesome exercise routine we all fell in love with that consists of functional movements done at high intensity for the betterment of our health. The other is thesport of CrossFit. Just like what you see on ESPN, CrossFit the sport continues to grow every day.

With this growth in popularity, more athletes are coming into the mix and wanting to compete at high levels. They arise from all walks of life, ranging from the former college football player to the ultra-marathon runner, and they all have one thing in common - they lack patience.

These athletes feel that because they found success in their former endeavors, they will automatically find success in CrossFit. They are wrong. Yes, the potential for success is there, and as coaches we all drool over what can be for certain people. But there is a process to getting better. For example, you cannot just pick up a baseball and in one year become a pitcher for the Major League. Talent can only take you so far. Just like anything else, you have to develop the little things first. Then, with a little bit of luck and tons of determination, you just might accomplish your goals, whatever they may be.

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