ANNOUNCEMENTS: 1. The lost and found bin is full again, any unclaimed clothing will be donated to charity on Monday 10/20 if not claimed. 2. 10/25 is the CFS Halloween Party- please see the previous post, but as a reminder we are collecting $10 to pay for the Taco Lady. We cannot accept payment the day of, so please see a coach by Sunday 10/19. 3. Support your fellow CFS athletes at upcoming Competitions: Coach Reem ,Jake G, Lisa H.,Jhauna - 10/25 CF IronMile- Natomas Cinnamon, Kirsten- 10/25 Wodtoberfest- Chico Ramon O.- 10/25- CF Vacaville Apologies if there are any other CFS athletes competing in the upcoming weeks, please add your name to the comments and we will edit the post

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