Battle of The Sexes

What an amazing day!! Kid and Pa were a great team, both worked so hard. Most memorable were Nick's HS Walks and Pa's partner squats. Lisa and Cindy were great partners and did a great job dividing the work load. Lisa SMASHED the KB snatches. I was honored to even judge them for an event. Nancy and Monica were more than terrific. Monica smashed the hang cleans and Nancy domintaed the HS walks. Both were great in their final event with the stone lunges!! Lynn and Brittany were amazing to walk. Brittany worked hard on the HS walks just moving her hands quick to gain feet. Lynn was smoking double unders and kept moving on the wall balls. Both were great communicators throughout the day and a pleasure to watch in their final event. As soon as I can post our group picture I will.

Overall, it was an amazing Sunday and I couldn't have spent it with a better group. Thank you to all the CFSers that came to show support. What a great time!

OHHHHH and guess what!! I am planning the 2014 Christmas Party!! Who's excited?!

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